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When’s the best time for you to visit Mount Desert Island?

May:  (Average temperatures 40 – 65 degrees). Cooler weather for hiking, good fresh water fishing, and bird watching. This is also the month, if near the lakes or quarries, when the frogs make their way out of the mud and provide us with a chorus of their music. It is black fly season in Maine, however, being near the salt water and ocean breezes, it tends to keep the little pests away. Parking is easy to come by in the local towns and in Acadia.

June:  (Average temperatures 50 – 75 degrees). This is a quiet and relaxing time of the year. The stores and restaurants are all open for the season, traffic is light and parking is easier to find. On average, the black flies tend to go away after the first couple of weeks into June. June 23 starts the Island Explorer, a free island shuttle service that takes you all over the island. The flowers start of open and the colors and smells fill the grounds.

July:  (Average temperatures 55 – 85 degrees). The island is in full swing. The warm temperatures bring lots of people to enjoy the Park and the sights.  The 4th of July bring parades and fireworks to a couple of the towns. The start of mosquitos season, but like the black flies, they tend to not be as bad near the ocean and can be easily controlled with bug spray. In July, the daylight is longer giving more time for outdoor fun. It is the start of blueberry season.

August:  (Average temperatures 55 – 85 degrees). The first two weeks in August are probably the busiest time on the island. Lodging is usually all booked up, parking can be a problem and lines and longer wait times to get seated in restaurants. Toward the middle to the end of the month, with kids returning to school, things get back to a little less hectic and crazy. The daylight begins to decrease towards the end of the month, and the temperatures cool down in the evening hours.

September:  (Average temperatures 45 – 70 degrees). This is a quieter and more relaxing time to visit Mount Desert Island. It is not quite fall foliage tour season, families with children have returned home to get ready for school, and the temperatures are great for hiking, biking, and many of the other activities the island offers. Night sky gazing is popular for many, as the stars put on a spectacular display to enjoy.

October:  (Average temperatures 35 – 60 degrees). October is the start of foliage season. Each year is different due to the amount of rain and temperatures, but the peak foliage season is usually mid-October. Hiking and biking continue to be big activities on the island. With the evenings getting darker earlier, the stores and restaurants tend to close earlier. Campgrounds, some vacation rentals, and a few stores close on Columbus Day, but many (especially in Bar Harbor) stay open through the end of cruises ship season the first of November, or are open year-round.